Premium Listings's directory of local businesses is in place to allow firearms owners to locate shooting ranges, retail firearms stores, gunsmiths, gun clubs, and firearms training facilities in their area. For this reason, basic listings will always be free.

Because strives for accurate information in our database, making corrections to your listings will of course always be free as well. Does your listing contain an incorrect address or an outdated telphone number? Do we have you listed as having a 200-yard outdoor range when you actually have a 300-yard range? Contact us in order to make corrections or updates to your listing. Be sure to include your business name and location (city and state) in your message.

In order to help your business to stand out from the rest in our local directory, also offers Premium Listings at very reasonable rates. Click here to view a sample Premium Listing. A Premium Listing gives the following advantages and features:

Directory index features:

Premium Listing Index Sample
  • Priority placement on the directory index page: Businesses with Premium Listings are displayed first, before all basic listings.
  • Logo or thumbnail image on the directory index page: A Premium Listing will give your business immediate attention on the directory index with your logo or a thumbnail photo, enticing potential customers into viewing your complete listing.
  • Larger font size for your business name on the directory index page: Even more visibility with your business name in a 14-point font, versus an 11-point font for all basic listings.
  • No character limit to list your business facilities: Basic listings are limited to 100 characters to list and describe your facilities on the directory index page. A Premium Listing will allow you to describe your facilities in more detail.
  • A direct link to your website on the directory index page: While a basic listing only allows direct links to your business website in the actual listing itself, Premium Listings include a direct link on the directory index page. This means potential customers can reach your website with one less click.

Premium listing features:

Premium Listing Photos Sample
  • Up to 25 photos or images of your business: Basic listings include only 1 photo or image, while with a Premium Listing, you can display up to 25 photos for your customers. Photos are displayed in a slideshow format, and allow you to give potential customers a much more detailed look into your business.
Premium Listing Information Sample
  • Detailed description of your business: Give potential customers a more detailed look into what your business offers them. While there are no set limits on length or content, common sense prevails. Your Premium Listing cannot contain negative comments about your competitors, nor can we include pages of information.
  • List your business hours: A Premium Listing will allow you to include your hours of operation. Give your customers this important information without having to click through to your website or contact you directly.
  • Priority updates to your listing: Businesses with a Premium Listing receive priority when submitting updates or corrections. Have you added additional lanes to your shooting range, redesigned your logo, or want to replace old or outdated information in your listing? A Premium Listing will automatically send your request to the head of the line. In most cases, the changes will be made in under 24 hours.


Premium Listings can be purchased for periods of 6 months or 1 year. 30 days before your Premium Listing is due to expire, will contact you for renewal. If your Premium Listing expires, it will automatically revert to a basic listing, but all data will be saved and can be reactivated immediately upon receipt of the renewal fee. Payments can be made via PayPal, money order, or certified check.

6 Months: $10
1 Year: $15

Contact us if you would like to purchase a Premium Listing for your business.