WhichGun.com is Your Complete Firearms Buying Guide.

The primary purpose of WhichGun.com is to serve as a firearms information and purchasing guide for law-abiding firearms owners and those who are considering purchasing a firearm. WhichGun.com includes specifications, photos, reviews, and other data for nearly every firearm commonly found on the new or used market. When available, links to videos, factory manuals, and other resources are included as well. Data is gathered from multiple sources, such as the manufacturer's published specifications and information published in books and magazines.

WhichGun.com introduces a number of innovations to help law-abiding citizens choose the best firearm for their specific requirements and preferences. Concealed Carry Factors™ rate individual pistols and revolvers on their suitability for use as a concealed carry firearm by individuals with a valid carry permit. Ease of concealment earns a handgun a higher Concealability Factor™, while effectiveness for self-defense use is gauged by a handgun's Firepower Factor™. These two numbers are combined to create a CCW Factor™ (Carry-Capable Weapon Factor) – an industry first – rating a handgun's overall capability in the concrealed-carry role.

WhichGun.com also publishes and maintains articles on a wide variety of firearms-related topics, including firearms safety, choosing firearms, proper care and maintenance of firearms, marksmanship and shooting skills, ammunition, firearm and shooting accessories, and the ethical, moral, and legal issues concerning firearms and their use for self-defense. A directory of local retail firearms stores, shooting ranges, gun clubs, gunsmiths, and gun shows is also included at WhichGun.com.

WhichGun.com was launched in April 2011, designed and created by professional web developer, database administrator, and New Jersey firearms owner Justin L. Franks. Unless otherwise specified, all articles and other content were written by Justin L. Franks.